When I first started designing my own bikini line, my main goal was to make it feel really personal. I began my journey on social media, where I connected with millions of people over trending dances, body positivity, and my swimwear obsession. Soon enough, my comment sections began to feel like a giant sleepover where me and all my best friends were trading information about what brands fit us best, who had the best colors and styles, and which ones made us feel like our most beautiful and confident selves. I realized that this was the true treasure of the community that had formed around me, as it was primarily women cheering each other on and bonding over something we all loved: bikinis.

I actually designed my first bikini in April 2020 with some scissors and fabric from the local fabric store. After becoming known for wearing bikinis on social media later that year, I decided that when I officially launched my swim brand, it would be a love letter to the places and the people who have made me feel free to be myself, free to own my beauty, and empowered in my own femininity. That’s the purpose behind Sienna Swim, to honor femininity in every form, with designs that are flattering, flirty and fearless. When you wear my swimwear, I want you to feel celebrated, seen, and special, because – you are!

After more than a year of working to make this dream a reality and with the help of my family, I officially launched Sienna Swim in June 2022 and quickly sold out of that first collection. We're now getting ready to debut Collection 7 and in the last year have shown our swimsuits on the runways of Miami Swim Week, Hawaii Swim Show, and San Diego Swim Week. It's an absolute dream come true!

Thank you for your continued support; I am so grateful to have the opportunity to make swimwear that's stylish and comfortable and that represents all of us. I welcome your feedback as we continue to design new collections and grow our business. Email me anytime at sienna@siennaswim.com <3