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Before I was a business owner, I was a consumer. Sienna Swim was actually born from my own obsession with bikinis, as I was constantly spending any extra money I had on swimwear, and when I started sharing my favorite ones online, soon I had brands reaching out to me to send me pieces from their collections. When my mom and I decided to launch Sienna Swim, it was partially because of that obsession with bikinis, and partially because I wanted a better option for the people in my comments and direct messages who wanted to know which suits had the best fit, colors, patterns, fabric, and price. Rather than directing them to a bunch of different brands, links, and information, I decided the best thing to do would be to compile everything I’d learned, and streamline all of my favorite swimwear features into one simple answer: Sienna Swim.

Fast forward two more years, eight collections, Miami, San Diego, and Hawaii Swim weeks, and we are still here, listening to the incredible women in our comments, messages, and emails asking for what they want.

That is one of the biggest things I have learned as a business owner: to listen. I think when I was a kid my perception of CEO’s was that they were big bosses in suits who called all the shots and had the last say. I am a 5’3 boss in a (swim)suit who ultimately does have the final say on a lot of things, but most of what I do these days is listen and thoughtfully respond. 

That is the essence of what inspired our latest project, SMOOTH by Sienna Swim. Almost daily I received messages and comments from people on social media asking me for my shaving routine, how I stay free from razor burn and bumps, and how my skin is so smooth. Enter: the best razor ever.

A few years ago I stopped using the plastic razors marketed to women that claimed to have the closest shave, extra moisture, and the least irritation because none of it was true. Time and time again I’d end up with bumps, burn, and redness. One day, I asked my dad what he shaved with because his face was always perfectly smooth, bump and nick-free. He showed me his safety razor and I never went back. In fact, I worked with a manufacturer to make my own. Not only did the sharper blades get me a way closer shave, but the durability of the razor meant I didn’t have to fly through the plastic ones. I simplified my routine and started using extra virgin coconut oil and Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap and watched as my shaving irritation disappeared, and gave way to clear, soft, smooth skin. 

Just like we had when we launched Sienna Swim, we streamlined everything I’d learned, all of the best of my favorite products, and created a better answer to the questions being asked. The result: a product collection my team and I are incredibly proud of with our SMOOTH razor, SMOOTH kit, Essentials Bundle and the cutest cosmetic bag ever!

As we prepare to send out pre-orders that customers placed weeks ago on our fourth restock -- after already selling out three times since our end-of-November launch -- I realized that listening to my customers has had the biggest payoff. To anyone who is looking to start their own business, my advice is start listening. Pay attention to the questions being asked, and then ask yourself how you might answer in a new way, a simplified way, a better way. That’s where your business starts.

If you’re in the market for a shaving routine that won’t leave you itching, burning, or covered in harmful PFAs, be sure to check our SMOOTH. Thank you to everyone who has continued to support our brand, we are grateful to keep answering your questions.<3 


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