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After selling out of our SMOOTH collection six times, we decided to show a little extra love in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Two hands holding (left) white safety razor and (right) black safety razor


Introducing our newest SMOOTH launch: a matte black edition razor for him (for you, for anyone!). Designed to complement each other just like you and the one you love, this razor is the perfect upgrade in your (or their) self-care routine.


Though there is a certain kind of beauty in sharing a life with someone and losing track of what belongs to who, there are certain things (namely in the bathroom) that just shouldn’t be shared. Your razor is one of them. Hygiene is hot, and everyone needs their own SMOOTH self care to keep things fresh.

Two safety razors, (left) white, and (right) black, laid flat on gray background.


Just like our original SMOOTH design, 5 stainless steel blades and a sleek safety razor come together to give you the closest possible shave without harmful PFAs, plastic waste, razor burn or ingrown hairs. That’s a gift you can feel good about!


Our SMOOTH KIT now comes with a choice: A white razor or a black razor. Buy a kit for your partner or a friend, and a single razor for yourself (or vice versa!).

SMOOTH KIT contains a 2 ounce Dr. Bronner's Castille soap, 5-pack of blades, safety razor in either white or black, and a 6-ounce glass jar of coconut oil.


If you really want to show some extra love, you can sign yourself or someone you love up for our Essentials Bundle subscription plan and either once a month or every two months we will send our 100% organic virgin coconut oil, Dr. Bronner’s Pure Unscented Liquid Castile Soap, and a 25-pack of our double edge, German stainless steel blades so you can keep your routine running smoothly.  

A black drawstring velvet bag with the Sienna Swim SMOOTH logo on the front, 25 stainless steel German razor blade refills, Dr. Bronner’s Pure Unscented Liquid Castile soap with blue label and white ap, and a clear jar of 100% organic virgin coconut oil with SMOOTH logo and white lid.


This Valentine’s day and beyond, get a close shave that won’t leave any friction between you and that special someone. Our black edition razor and kit is online now, while supplies last. <3 

A white SMOOTH razor box on a person.

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